Product Description


Stiloz is a medicament that is used for the comfort of the symptom of sporadic lameness in individuals with peripheral vascular disease.

Stiloz is a selective PDE3 phosphodiesterase activator with therapeutic focusing on cAMP. It suppresses platelet accumulation and is a direct blood vessel vasodilator. Its primary effects are dilatation of the arteries giving blood to the legs and reducing platelet clotting.

Stiloz is utilized to medicate intermittent claudication -- a disease that reasons pain in the lower leg during the walking time. The pain is reasoned by narrowed or blocked arteries in the legs. This is a blood-thinning medicine, which prevents particular cells in the blood - the platelets - from jutting to each other. This cut down the risk of noxious blood clots forming. Blood clots present inside of a blood vessel prevent blood from flowing correctly and this can reason in pain. Stiloz also betters blood circulation in the legs by broadening the arteries. It cuts down leg pain so you can walk big distances without tenderness. It is also utilized together with other medications that prevent blood clots in patients who have had stets inset into their heart arteries.

Indications: Intermittent claudication

Active ingredients: Cilostazol

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