Minirin 0.2mg Desmopressin

Minirin 0.2mg Desmopressin
Product Description
Minirin - Minirin is a synthetic replacement for vasopressin, the hormone that reduces urine production during sleep. It may be taken nasally, intravenously, or as a pill. Doctors prescribe Minirin most frequently for treatment of diabetes insipidus or bedwetting.

In December 2007, US drug regulators banned using Minirin nasal sprays for treating bedwetting, but said that Minirin pills are still a safe bedwetting treatment for otherwise healthy patients. The regulators reviewed the drug after two patients using Minirin nasal sprays died from hyponatremia, an imbalance of sodium levels in the body.

Indications: diabetes insipidus, renal function tests, haemorrhagic disorders

Indications: diabetes insipidus, nocturnal enuresis, polyuria, polydipsia, haemorrhagic disorders

Cranial diabetes insipidus,Primary nocturnal enuresis,Type I Von Willebrand’s disease,Testing of fibrinolytic response,Diagnosis of diabetes insipidus,Renal function testing, Nocturia associated with multiple sclerosis.
Active ingredients: Desmopressin

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