Menogon 75 IU

Menogon 75 IU
Product Description

Menogon 75 IU 


Follicle stimulating hormone is utilized to treat the difficulties of infertility. It is utilized to stimulate and release of egg from ovary (ovulation) to aid pregnancy in women who cannot discharge but have functional ovaries. In accumulation with luteinizing hormone to excite ovulation in women who have intense deficiency of hormones luteinizing hormone and follicle exciting hormone naturally made in the body. To assist in the development of follicles (fluid occupied structures, which hold the growing egg in the ovaries and release the mature egg during the period of ovulation) in women who are trying to become pregnant through helpful processes such as artificial insemination, IVF etc.

How it works:

Fsh binds to the follicle rousing hormone receptor that is a g-coupled transmembrane structure. Binding of the fsh to its structure appears to generate phosphorylation and stimulation of the pi3k (phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase) and akt signaling nerve pathway that is indicated to modulate numerous different metabolic and attendant survival/growth functions in cells.

Common side effects:

  •     Nausea
  •     Itchy bump
  •     Abdominal cramp
  •     Abdominal bloating
  •     Bruise
  •     Diarrhea
  •     Facial swelling
  •     Shortness of breath
  •     Fluid retention in ovary
  •     Injection site redness
  •     Injection site swelling
  •     Skin redness
  •     Vomiting.
Brand Name:Menogon 75iu (Menotrophin injection)
Contents:follicle stimulating hormone 75 IU, luteinising hormone 75 IU.

(Chorionic Menopausal Gonadotropin)



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