K-Y Jelly (Gel Lubrificante Sterile)

K-Y Jelly (Gel Lubrificante Sterile)

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K- Y Jelly : 

K-Y Jelly is a water-based, water-soluble personal lubricant, most commonly used as a lubricant for sexual intercourse. A variety of different products and formulas are produced under the K-Y banner. According to the company, "The origins of the brand name 'K-Y' are unknown.


KY Jelly ointment  contains Glycerin and Hydroxyethyl cellulose as the lubricant, with chlorhexidine gluconate, glucono delta-lactone, methylparaben and sodium hydroxide as antiseptic and preservative additives.

Role of Active Ingredient : 
It is used for lubricating jelly in gynecological & hospital procedures like easy insertion of catheters, enemas, douches and similar type nozzles. Ideal contact material for ECG. It is also applied on vagina for smooth and pain free intercourse.