Fluarix Influenza Vaccine

Fluarix Influenza Vaccine
Product Description


Fluarix is the brand of influenza virus vaccine (injectable). Influenza virus is a serious disease grounded by a virus and can spread from one person to another through small droplets of saliva, which are throw out into the air when an infected person sneezes or coughs. The virus can also be moved through contact with physical object the infected person has touched,like door handle or some other surfaces.

Fluarix is utilized to prevent contagion grounded by influenza virus. The vaccine is reformulated each year to incorporate particular strains of demobilized (killed) flu virus, which are suggested by public health officials for that year.Fluarix Virus Vaccine is also famed as a "Killed virus" vaccine that works by subjecting you to a small medication of the virus that assists your body to increase immunity to the disease. It doesn't treat an active infection, which has already formulated in the body.

Side effects:

If any of the side effects mentioned below fall out while taking influenza virus vaccine, contact with the doctor or nurse without any postponement.

  •     Difficulty with moving
  •     Vexation
  •     Pain sensation in joints
  •     Muscle aching or muscle spasm
  •     Muscle pains or clumsiness
  •     Nausea Pain at the injection site
  •     Swollen joints

Less common:

  •     Redness
  •     Bruising, or puffiness at the injection place.
  •     Chills

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