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 Epinefrina Sanderson -

Epinefrina Sanderson- Pharmacology: Activates alpha and beta receptors (alpha receptors at high medications; beta- receptors at average doses) within the nervous system. Unbends smooth muscles of iris and bronchi, it is an opponent of histamine. Handling and prophylaxis of cardiac arrest in the deficiency of ventricular twitching and onsets of ephemeral atrioventricular heart block with sync-opal attacks; to excite the heart in syncope due to absolute heart block or artery sinus sensitivity; for revival in cardiac capture following anesthetic mischances; intracardiac puncture, in cardiopulmonary revival, and intramyocardial injection of Epinefrina Sanderson may be effectual when external cardiac concretion and efforts to renew the circulation by electrical defibrillation or usage of pacemaker fail; seldom utilized as a vasopressor excluding the treatment of anaphylactic impact as well as under certain preconditions in insulin shock.

Nasal solution: Nasal medicament.

Oral inhalation

Shortness of breath, tightness of chest, temporary relief and wheezing due to cartilaginous tube asthma; temporary alleviation of bronchial asthma; relief in breathing for asthma patients by cutting down the spasms of bronchial muscles.

Unlabeled Usages

Endoscopic injection for the direction of overdosage of beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, acute lower GI bleeding and tricyclic antidepressants (and some other sodium channel blockers); hypotension, symptomatic bradycardia that did not act to transcutaneous pacing and atropine.