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Amantrel - Amantrel is an antiparkinsonian and antiviral drug, a tricyclic symmetric adamantanamin.

This medication blocks glutamate NMDA-receptors, thus reducing the excessive stimulatory effect of cortical glutamate neurons in the neostriatum that develops against the backdrop of lack of dopamine. Amantrel inhibits NMDA-receptors in the neurons of the substantia nigra reduces the intake of these Ca2+, which reduces the possibility of destruction of these neurons. In a greater Amantrel influences on stiffness (rigidity and bradykinesia).

This medicine inhibits the penetration of influenza A virus into the cell.

Indications: parkinsonism, influenza a, herpes zoster infections

Symptomatic treatment of several forms of Parkinson disease or syndrome and drug-induced extrapyramidal reactions; prevention and treatment of influenza A viral respiratory illness, especially in high-risk patients.

Amantrel, an antiviral drug, is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of Influenza A infection. However, the drug should not be used to treat all seasonal flu cases to avoid drug-resistance. Amantrel is also indicated for management of Parkinson’s disease and iatrogenic extrapyramidal reactions.

Active ingredients: Amantadine